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if you've ever been poor, this movie may be hard to watch. it depicts poverty in america in gut wrenchingly accurate ways. i've been as poor as chris gardner, and, like him, i've been poor among very rich people in the bay area while trying to work my way up.

chris gardner is a loving father and failing businessman. he is chosen for a competitive internship at dean witter, a stock brokerage. the internship, which offers chris a very long shot at a better life, doesn't pay any salary. chris has to live without a salary for six months while risking just about everything for that long shot gamble.

chris is really smart. he can solve a rubrik's cube in minutes. but, he's poor. poverty, like an octopus, keeps trying to suck him down to the bottom, and make him stay there.

his car is towed. his wife walks out on him, leaving him with a five year old son. he is arrested for unpaid traffic tickets. he becomes homeless. he has to rely on a homeless shelter.

all this while, he must appear for work in the morning in a suit and tie, and be ready to charm some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the bay area. these people take wealth so much for granted that two of them stiff him for cab fare.

having lived through similar experiences, i cringed throughout this movie. my stomach hurt. i winced. i cried. i hugged my knees to my chest.

the movie is very accurate, but painful to watch. i hope a lot of rich people, who think that they understand poverty, see it.

this movie will be politically controversial. first of all, it doesn't touch the race issue with a ten foot pole. for example, when chris appears to stiff a taxi driver for fare (it was really the rich white guy who failed to pay), the taxi driver never uses the “n” word. in real life, i think he probably would have.

is the movie afraid to talk about race, or does it not want to? i don't know, but i know that some will protest the movie's not shoving race in the movie goer's face. i'm not one of those people. the movie's approach to race -- treating it as almost incidental -- worked for me. as a poor white person, i can tell you that poor white people face the same obstacles chris did.

second, does the movie sell the message that if you work hard, you will succeed, no matter what, and does that message tell the truth about success in america? i think that the movie is open to interpretation. some will see it as an indictment of poverty in america. the scene of carefree rich people driving past the line to get into a homeless shelter is pretty devastating. other people will become angry because they believe that the movie's depiction of hard work leading to rewards, in some cases, is too facile. i disagree, but that's what you'll hear.

third, is this movie meant to chastise black men who abandon their children? chris is a role model exactly because he moves heaven and earth to be a good father to his son. this will be debated back and forth.

the movie has a big philosophical statement to make, that has been lost on many reviewers, for example, richard schickel in time.

chris is shown running throughout the movie. remember the title of the movie: “the pursuit of happiness.” chris places emphasis on “pursuit.” jefferson, when he penned the declaration of independence, did not promise americans happiness, but only the right to pursue it. chris says, at one point in the movie, paraphrase, “i am happy right now. it is a fleeting moment.” we experience happiness in eyeblinks. the rest of the time we, like chris, are chasing after it.







this is about movie review.yes,this is the pursuit of happyiness.

because our teacher demand us finish the movie review.—— foreword

in fact ,i have seen this movie before class.i frist met it when i was a senior middle school student.but i have get more impressions then before.

in the movie,the leading role of the pursuit of happyiness,jefferson's declaration of independence words about happyiness kept recurring to chris gardner.chris hardly work from everyday morning to night,but still couldn't make a charge.at last,his wife can't endured and left away,just leaving him and their five-year-old son.that is to say,chris become a single father.

even worse is,chris no money to pay for the rent.and he was failed with his career.they become homeless.they slept in anywhere.but chris never gave up,just for his son and his belief.he still strongly believed that happyiness would come one day if he worked hard enough.

at last of the film,chris was succeed.but everyone know that too diffcult and hardly.

i think everyone know this is a inspired story.and i'm moved.but in this movie,the most impress me are two things about chris's love to his son and his strong faith towards life.after that,i learn one thing that if a person has a strong faith in himself,nothing will impossible.




















不经历风雨怎能见彩虹,梅花香自苦寒来。影片最后chris被正式通知录用时,迅速泛红得双眼,不住颤抖地双手,口中重复得道谢,穿梭在来来往往得人群中,正如此时得旁白:this part of my life ,it called happiness!这就是幸福,真正得幸福……这些日常生活中的道理我们每个人可能都知道,如何与工作相结合,去指导实际的工作是值得每个管理者和职场人士思考的。现实企业经营管理环境中我们会发觉如何激励员工,让员工甘心情愿的去干活,同时有一颗感恩的心,这里面是一门艺术的学问。影片中chris最终正式得到工作机会时所付出的努力和艰辛都是发自内心的,同时我们也能看到其求职的公司的游戏规则是设定好的,即半年内没有工资,20人中间选一个业绩最好的,这个规则让参与的人心服口服愿赌服输。这点给我们的启示是我们在做管理制度、做激励的时候怎样能保证公开、公平让同时参与竞技的人敬畏规则、尊重对手从而成就公司,中国有句古语“不患寡而患不均”,海底捞最近是一个令人敬佩的企业,员工的素质和待遇都不高,但是幸福感确实由内而外的传达到每个客户、供应商甚至竞争对手,成为行业纷纷效仿的对象。制度基于人性的设计、管理理念基于人性的关怀,个人认为这是其中的基石所在。